8thAFHS 2017 Reunion
Hilton Airport, New Orleans, LA
September 27 - October 1, 2017

Urgent Notice:

Due to the large turnout, the Hilton has already sold out of rooms for the reunion dates. Donna Lee, Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. (AFR) is currently taking names for a rooming list at the Best Western Plus, a new hotel, about 1.5 miles from the Hilton. It's a cheaper rate at $109+tax/night and includes complimentary breakfast, airport shuttle, and parking. Both hotels will help shuttle folks back and forth as much as possible. The tour busses will pick up from both hotels. Folks confirmed at the overflow hotel should NOT sign up for a meal package since there is free breakfast at the Best Western. People can purchase the separately priced dinners.

Our first priority is to get as many WWII Veterans moved back over to the Hilton when cancellations occur. If there are still rooms that become available as the reunion approaches, we'll simply go in date order for the non-veterans.

AFR will contact people approximately 4-6 weeks before the reunion to reconfirm the reservation and obtain the credit card info at that time to guarantee the room. For now, Donna will need the following, preferably emailed to DonnaLee@afri.com for a paper trail:

Name for the room reservation
Specific bed type preferred (not guaranteed)
Arrival/Departure Dates
WWII Group
Is the attendee a WWII Veteran?

If you are holding a room at the Hilton that's no longer needed, please do NOT cancel it directly with the Hilton. We urge you to email Donna at AFR (DonnaLee@afri.com) the name, confirmation number, and dates for her to cancel it. This way, we can ensure that the room stays in our block and used by someone wanting to be at the Hilton. Donna will request a name change and obtain new credit card info for the guarantee. She's already helped several veterans obtain rooms at the Hilton through this process. If necessary, Donna can be reached by phone at 706-356-1905. Thanks for your cooperation, and thanks for helping another veteran!

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Looking for information on a 8thAAF loved one?

Check with The American Air Museum in Duxford, England by Clicking here. They have the largest database of 8thAAF personnel.

Attention 8thAAF Veterans:

Click Here for information on how to receive the French Legion of Honor Medal. This is the highest award that France can bestow and it is given to all branches of service personnel who participated in the liberation of France.

The Eighth Air Force Historical Society Is Keeping The Mighty 8th Memory Alive

The Eighth Air Force Historical Society was created in 1975 to preserve the legacy of the "Mighty Eighth", and the part it played in American history during WW2. Over the years, it has become a strong organization with an emphasis on remembering and honoring our comrades who served with distinction: the men who flew, the many thousands of ground crews, and those who worked in the background. One of the many activities we honor these great men is at our annual reunions.

These Veterans, born in the 1920's, were members of the greatest air armada of all times. They numbered 350,000 men and women with over 54,000 either killed in combat or taken prisoner.

Their children and descendents, who are representatives of these Veterans, saw the need to keep the history and experiences of these warriors alive. Their goal is to preserve the Legacy created by their relatives who went before them, not because of the vanity of their accomplishments, but rather for the preservation of Democracy and Civilization, for maintaining the values of honesty and patriotism exhibited by their generation.

Join The 8th Air Force Historical Society

You can join this great team to preserve this legacy and participate in the many activities of the 8th Air Force Historical Society. Click here for more information.

  Join others in WW2 research of your loved ones who served in 8thAAF
  National and regional reunions with tours, seminars, symposiums, banquets, and research displays held each year in different parts of the USA.
  Access to Bomb group, fighter group and POW researchers.
  Receive 8th AF News - Click here for sample
  Attend our Reunions. Next in New Orleans - Sep 27 - Oct 1, 2017
Today's 8thAAF Mission History During WWII

Date Name Description
April 28, 1942Strategic OperationsVIII Ground Support HQ activated Details
April 28, 1943VIII PRPhoto recon Details
April 28, 19448AF 325Marquise V-weapons site Details
April 28, 19448AF 325Avord airfield and Sottevast V-weapons site Details
April 28, 19448AF 326Night leaflet operation France, Belgium, Holland Details
April 28, 19448AF FC FO 318Fighter support for 8AF 325 (Avord) Details
April 28, 19448AF FC FO 318Fighter support for 8AF 325 (Marquise) Details
April 28, 1944CBCarpetbagger mission Details
April 28, 1944VIII FC FO 65FW 97Fighter bomber mission Details
April 28, 1945Other operationsWeather recon Details
April 28, 1945Other operationsRed Stocking operation Details

Researching Individual 8th Army Air Force Veterans

Our research help is limited to the 8th Army Air Force of WWII. These men and women were based in England from 1943 to 1945.

Family members is good place to start your research. Gather all the information you can, such as letters, stories, newspaper clippings, grave markers, etc. Knowing the person's army serial number, bomb/fighter group affiliation, hometown, date of birth and place and date of death are important for continued research.

Hometown newspapers often listed when they graduated from boot camp, completed training phases, were promoted, sometimes even in action overseas. Most certainly if MIA or KIA will be listed in their local newspaper. Click Here for additional help from the 8thAFHS.

Researching Groups, Bases, Targets and Missions

This section pulls together information on the operations of the United States 8th Air Force during World War II from multiple sources on the web and from printed material.

It began as an attempt on the part of an amateur historian, Tom Townsend, to enter all of the mission information in Roger Freemanís Mighty Eighth War Diary into a database for easy searching. As a result of project-creep, it soon turned into a full-fledged Eighth Air Force operations website, with information collected from diverse sources across the internet, books, magazines and diaries. Click Here to access this section.