14th Fighter Group


Constituted as 14th Pursuit Group (Fighter) on 20 Nov 1940. Activated on 15 Jan 1941. Trained with P-40's and P-43's. Converted to P-38's, which were used in flying patrols on the west coast of the US after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Redesignated 14th Fighter Group in May 1942. Moved to England, Jul-Aug 1942. Began operations with Eighth AF in Oct 1942, escorting bombers to targets in France. Arrived in North Africa shortly after the campaign for Algeria and French Morocco (8-11 Nov 1942) had ended, and remained in the Mediterranean theater until the end of the war, being assigned first to Twelfth AF and later (Nov 1943) to Fifteenth. Flew escort, strafing, and reconnaissance missions from the middle of Nov 1942 to late in Jan 1943 and then withdrew from combat, some of the men and planes being reassigned. Resumed operations in May. Flew dive-bombing missions during the Allied assault on Pantelleria. Helped prepare for and support the invasions of Sicily and Italy. Engaged primarily in escort work after Nov 1943, flying many missions to cover bombers engaged in long-range operations against strategic objectives in Italy, France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Rumania, and Bulgaria. Received a DUC for a mission on 2 Apr 1944 when the group, by beating off attacks by enemy fighters, enabled bombers to strike important ball-bearing works in Austria. Also provided escort for reconnaissance operations, supported the invasion of Southern France in Aug 1944, and on numerous occasions flew long-range missions to strafe and dive-bomb motor vehicles, trains, bridges, supply areas, airdromes, and troop concentrations in an area extending from France to the Balkans. Inactivated in Italy on 9 Sep 1945.

Activated in the US on 20 Nov 1946. Equipped first with P-47's and later with F-84's. Inactivated on 2 Oct 1949.

Redesignated 14th Fighter Group (Air Defense). Activated on 18 Aug 1955. Assigned to Air Defense Command and equipped with F-86 aircraft.


37th: 1943-1945; 1946-1949; 1955-.
48th: 1941-1945; 1946-1949.
49th: 1941-1945; 1946-1949.
50th: 1941-1942.


Hamilton Field, Calif, 15 Jan 1941
March Field, Calif, c. 10 Jun 1941
Hamilton Field, Calif, 7 Feb-16 Jul 1942
Atcham, England, 18 Aug-Nov 1942
Tafaraoui, Algeria, 15 Nov 1942
Maison Blanche, Algeria, 18 Nov 1942
Youks-les-Bains, Algeria, 22 Nov 1942
Berteaux, Algeria, 9 Jan 1943;
Mediouna, French Morocco, 5 Mar 1943
Telergma, Algeria, 5 May 1943
El Bathan, Tunisia, 3 Jun 1943
Ste-Marie-du-Zit, Tunisia, 25 Jul 1943
Triolo Airfield, Italy, 12 Dec 1943
Lesina, Italy, Sep-9 Sep 1945.
Dow Field, Maine, 20 Nov 19462 Oct 1949.
Ethan Allen AFB, Vt, 18 Aug 1955-.


1st Lt Troy Keith, 15 Jan 1941
Col Thayer S Olds, 18 Apr 1941
Lt Col Troy Keith, 28 Jan 1943
Col Oliver B Taylor, 26 Sep 1943
Col Daniel S Campbell, 18 Jul 1944
Col Thomas B Whitehouse, Mar 1945-unkn.
Lt Col Lewis W Chick Jr, 24 Dec 1946
Col Loring F Stetson Jr, 7 Jan 1948
Col George A McHenry, Jul 1949
Lt Col Arvie E Olson Jr, Aug 1949-unkn.
Col Harry L Downing, 1955-.


Air Combat, EAME Theater; Air Offensive, Europe; Tunisia; Sicily; Naples-Foggia; Rome-Arno; Normandy; Northern France; Southern France; North Apennines; Rhineland; Central Europe; Po Valley.


Distinguished Unit Citation: Austria, 2 Apr 1944.


Shield: Per bend argent and sable. Motto: To Fight To Death. (Approved 17 Jun 1942.)

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