MIA Aircraft

Missing 390th Bombardment Group (Heavy) aircraft on 1944-05-29:

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#42-31466 - B-17G

 GroupSquadronSq CodeA/C Code
MIA1944-05-29 - MACR #: 5314
Notes42-31466 Delivered: Cheyenne 8/11/43; Gr Island 24/11/43; New Castle 4/12/43; Bangor 9/12/43; Assigned: 569BS/390BG [CC-A] Framlingham 5/1/44; MIA Leipzig 29/5/44 Pilot: Wallace Shymanski, Co-Pilot: Vernon Montrose, Navigator: Gordon Grip, Engineer / Top Turret Gunner: Alex Engleman, Ball Turret Gunner: Paul Goodling, Waist Gunner: Maynard Peterson, Tail Gunner: Dave Sullivan (7EVD); tog-Sgt Ken Dobson, Radio Operator: Tom Sanderson, Waist Gunner: Sol Goldstein (3POW)Enemy aircraft, #4 hit and feathered, right wing afire and tail damaged, went into spin and crashed La Briqueterie, N of Rochefort, three miles SE of Marche, Belgium. MACR 5314. SITTING PRETTY.
SourceB-17 Master Log - Dave Osbourne

#42-39953 - B-17G

 GroupSquadronSq CodeA/C Code
MIA1944-05-29 - MACR #: 5313
Notes42-39953 Delivered: Long Beach 15/10/43; Gr Island 1/11/43; ass 569BS/390BG [CC-D] Framlingham 18/11/43; MIA Leipzig 29/5/44 Pilot: Carl Nesbitt, Navigator: Wayne Dyer, Bombardier: Melvin Meyer, Engineer / Top Turret Gunner: Lyle Larson (4KIA); Co-Pilot: Bob Patterson, Radio Operator: Weldon Pillow, Ball Turret Gunner: George Hauskins, Waist Gunner: Bill Striffler, Waist Gunner: Lester Miller, Tail Gunner: Joe Finch (6POW); Enemy aircraft #1 engine on fire, left aileron and wing damaged, crashed and sunk in a marsh at Horst, near Schonwalde, Germany. MACR 5313. DUTCH CLEANER aka FLYING COFFIN and YANKEE DOODLE DANDY.
SourceB-17 Master Log - Dave Osbourne