MIA Aircraft

Missing 381st Bombardment Group (Heavy) aircraft on 1943-07-24:

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#42-30013 - B-17F

 GroupSquadronSq CodeA/C Code
MIA1943-07-24 - MACR #: 130
Notes42-30013 Delivered: Cheyenne 1/4/43; Pueblo 8/4/43; Smoky Hill 6/5/43; Dow Fd 19/5/43; Assigned: 532BS/381BG [VE-E] Ridgewell 22/5/43 Pilot: Bill Morre, Dale Wendte, Phil Dreiseszun, Jim Houck, Frank Bryant, Ed Usher, Bill Kithcart, Bill Fortier, Edgerton Zahm, John Watkins; MIA {1m} Hamburg 24/7/43 w/Bill Moore, Navigator: Phillip Dreiseszun, Radio Operator: John Ivey, Engineer / Top Turret Gunner: Ed Usher, Ball Turret Gunner: Edgerton Zahm, Waist Gunner: Bill Fortier (6POW); Co-Pilot: Dale Wendte, Bombardier: Jim Houck*, Waist Gunner: Joe Kralick, Tail Gunner: John Watkins* (4KIA - * went down in ship); flak hit #1 & #2, wing blazed; crashed Neustadt Bay, Germany. MACR 130. LETHAL LADY.
SourceB-17 Master Log - Dave Osbourne

#42-3217 - B-17

 GroupSquadronSq CodeA/C Code
MIA1943-07-24 - MACR #: 132
NotesDelivered: Cheyenne 30/3/43; Dow 23/5/43; Assigned: 535BS/381BG [MS-T] Ridgewell 24/5/43 Pilot: Osce Jones, Seth Armstead, Leon Spivey, Chas Nevius, Jim Haynie, Joe Nicatra, Alf Haugen, Chas Newcomb, Shannon Early, Maurice Kelleher. On returning from mission to St Nazaire 28/6/43 a liferaft broke loose and caught round the tail fin, and with aircraft spiralling down out of control Lt Melvin Hecker, was able to tie the raft\'s lines to a waist gun, and using the gun as a lever, prised the raft loose and enabled the pilot to get the ship under control again. Not too soon, as two Germany. an fighters swept in to attack the stricken ship, but they were both shot down and the Rebel headed home OK. MIA {6m} Heroya 24/7/43 w/Osce V. Jones, Co-Pilot: George McIntosh, Navigator: Art Guertin, Bombardier: Chas Nevius, Radio Operator: Jim Haynie, Engineer / Top Turret Gunner: Joe Nicatra, Ball Turret Gunner: Chas Newcomb, Waist Gunner: Alf Haugen, Waist Gunner: Shannon Early, Tail Gunner: Maurice Kelleher (10INT); flak, forced landing Vannacka, Sweden, but later freed. MACR 132. (First US bomber to land in Sweden in WWII). GEORGIA REBEL.
SourceB-17 Master Log - Dave Osbourne