MIA Aircraft

Missing 303rd Bombardment Group (Heavy) aircraft on 1943-08-19:

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#42-3192 - B-17F

 GroupSquadronSq CodeA/C Code
MIA1943-08-19 - MACR #: 284
Notes42-3192 Delivered: Cheyenne 16/3/43; Dow Fd 16/4/43; Assigned: 358BS/303BG [VK-G] Molesworth 16/5/43; t/o accident Pilot: Dave Rogan 25/6/43; 427BS [GN-X]; {12m} MIA Gilze-Rijen 19/8/43 w/Jim Nix, Co-Pilot: Dan Shebeck, Bombardier: Bob Solverson, Engineer / Top Turret Gunner: Frank Krajacic (4KIA), Navigator: Dwight Curo, Radio Operator: Curtis Brooks, Ball Turret Gunner: Frank Perez, Waist Gunner: George Buck, Waist Gunner: Joe Gross, Tail Gunner: Fred Boyd, pass-Lt Lewis Moffatt [359BS (7POW); hit by bunch of Fw190s, crashed Carthuizer Polder, near Raamsdonkveer, Hol. MACR 284. Wreckage located 1983. CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE.
SourceB-17 Master Log - Dave Osbourne

#42-5392 - B-17F

 GroupSquadronSq CodeA/C Code
MIA1943-08-19 - MACR #: 285
Notes42-5392 Delivered: Tulsa 29/11/42; Salina 25/1/43; Assigned: 427BS/303BG [GN-X] Molesworth 26/3/43, then 358BS [VK-O] ; {21m} MIA Gilze-Rijen 19/8/43 Pilot: Lauren Quillen*, Co-Pilot: John Homan, Navigator: Bevan Colby*, Bombardier: Bill Irish*, Engineer / Top Turret Gunner: Elden Richter*, Radio Operator: Salvaged. DiCosmo (6KIA - * bodies washed up weeks later), Ball Turret Gunner: Elbert Price, Waist Gunner: Joe Brown, Waist Gunner: Paul Abernathy, Tail Gunner: Art Sauer (4POW); Enemy aircraft, #3 was out and wing on fire, ditched North Sea, off Hoek van Holland; MACR 285. STRIC NINE.
SourceB-17 Master Log - Dave Osbourne