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358th Fighter Group

Group Emblem:
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Wing:66th Fighter Wing
Division:VIII Fighter Command
Squadrons:365th Fighter Squadron
366th Fighter Squadron
367th Fighter Squadron
Tail Marking:
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Details:Trained with P-47's. Moved to England during Sep-Oct 1943.

Began operations on 20 Dec 1943 and served in combat with Eighth and, later, Ninth AF until V-E Day. Engaged in escort work until Apr 1944 to cover the operations of bombers that the AAF sent against targets on the Continent. Dive-bombed marshalling yards and airfields during Apr to help prepare for the invasion of Normandy. Continued attacks on enemy communications and flew escort missions during May. Escorted troop carriers over the Cotentin Peninsula on 6 and 7 Jun, and attacked bridges, rail lines and trains, vehicles, and troop concentrations during the remainder of the month. Moved to the Continent in Jul and took part in operations that resulted in the Allied breakthrough at St Lo. Continued to fly escort, interdictory, and close-support missions during the allied drive across France and into Germany, earning four citations before the end of the war.

Received first DUC for operations from 24 Dec 1944 to 2 Jan 1945 when the group not only supported Seventh Army by attacking rail lines and rolling stock, vehicles, buildings, and artillery, but also destroyed numerous fighter planes during a major assault by the German Air Force against Allied airfields.

Received second DUC for 19-20 Mar 1945, a period in which the 358th destroyed and damaged large numbers of motor transports and thus hampered the evacuation of German forces that were withdrawing from the area west of the Rhine.

Received third DUC for performance between 8 and 25 Apr 1945 when the group attacked enemy airfields in the region of Munich and Ingolstadt, engaged the enemy in aerial combat, and supported advancing ground forces by attacking such targets as motor transports, tanks, locomotives, guns, and buildings.

Received fourth citation, the French Croix de Guerre with Palm, for assisting in the liberation of France. Returned to the US in Jul 1945. Inactivated on 7 Nov 1945.

  • Col Cecil L Wells, 1 Jan 1943
  • Col James B Tipton, 20 Sep 1944
  • Lt Col John M Thacker, 1945

Air Force Combat Units of World War II, Maurer, Maurer: USAF, 1986

Accident Reports:Number of Non-Combat-Related Accident reports for this group: 2


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1January 05, 1943VIII FC FO 213Fighter support for Elberfeld bombers
2December 20, 1943VIII FC FO 204Escort and support for heavy bombers
3December 21, 1943VIII FC FO 206Support for 9AF B-26s
4December 22, 1943VIII FC FO 207Escort and support for heavy bombers
5December 24, 1943VIII FC FO 209General area support for heavy bombers
6December 30, 1943VIII FC FO 210Escort and support for heavy bombers
7December 31, 1943VIII FC FO 211Escort and support for heavy bombers
8January 04, 19448AF FC FO 212Fighter support for Munster bombers
9January 07, 19448AF FC FO 215Fighter escort for 8AF 1784
10January 11, 19448AF FC FO 216Fighter support for Brunswick bombers
11January 14, 19448AF FC FO 217Fighter escort for 8AF 183
12January 21, 19448AF FC FO 221Fighter support for 8AF 187
13January 24, 19448AF FC FO 222Fighter support for 8AF 191
14January 25, 19448AF FC FO 66FW 40Dive bomb Leeuwarden airfield
15January 29, 19448AF FC FO 226Fighter support for 8AF 198
16January 30, 19448AF FC FO 227Fighter support for 8AF 200
17February 03, 19448AF FC FO 233Fighter support for 8AF 206
18February 04, 19448AF FC FO 234Fighter support for 8AF 208
19February 05, 19448AF FC FO 235Fighter support for 8AF 210
20February 06, 19448AF FC FO 236Fighter support for 8AF 212
21February 08, 19448AF FC FO 238Fighter support for 8AF 214 (Frankfurt)
22February 11, 19448AF FC FO 240Fighter support for 8AF 218 (Frankfurt)
23February 20, 19448AF FC FO 245Fighter support for 8AF 2261
24February 21, 19448AF FC FO 246Fighter support for 8AF 228
25February 22, 19448AF FC FO 247Fighter support for 8AF 230
26February 25, 19448AF FC FO 251Fighter support for 8AF 2351
27February 29, 19448AF FC FO 255Fighter support for 8AF 2401
28March 02, 19448AF FC FO 257Fighter support for 8AF 244 (Frankfurt)
29March 03, 19448AF FC FO 259Fighter support for 8AF 246
30March 04, 19448AF FC FO 260Fighter support for 8AF 247
31March 06, 19448AF FC FO 262Fighter support for 8AF 250
32March 08, 19448AF FC FO 263Fighter support for 8AF 2521
33March 09, 19448AF FC FO 264
34March 15, 19448AF FC FO 269Fighter support for 8AF 259
35March 16, 19448AF FC FO 270Fighter support for 8AF 262
36March 18, 19448AF FC FO 273Fighter support for 8AF 264
37March 22, 19448AF FC FO 277Fighter support for 8AF 273
38March 23, 19448AF FC FO 278Fighter support for 8AF 275
39April 08, 19448AF FC FO 291Fighter support for 8AF 291
40April 09, 19448AF FC FO 292Fighter support for 8AF 293
41April 22, 19448AF FC FO 309Fighter support for 8AF 311
42April 24, 19448AF FC FO 312Fighter support for 8AF 315
43April 29, 19448AF FC FO 320Fighter support for 8AF 327
44May 28, 19448AF 376Oil production facilities in Germany

Non-Combat Related Accidents

11944-01-11Aircraft: P-47D (#42-75097).
Organization: 367FS / 358FG of Leiston, Suffolk.
Pilot: Hollaway, Joe R Jr.
Notes: taxiing accident.
Location: Goxhill, Lincolnshire England.
Damage (0-5 increasing damage): 3
source: Aviation Archaeology http://www.aviationarchaeology.com/
21944-01-14Aircraft: P-47D (#42-74617).
Organization: 365FS / 358FG of Leiston, Suffolk.
Pilot: Atkinson, Joseph (NMI).
Notes: landing accident.
Location: Leiston, Suffolk England.
Damage (0-5 increasing damage): 4
source: Aviation Archaeology http://www.aviationarchaeology.com/


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