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362nd Fighter Group

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Details:Trained for combat with P-47's. Moved to England in Nov 1943. Assigned to Ninth AF.

Flew first mission, escorting B-24's that attacked V-weapon launching sites near Pas de Calais, on 8 Feb 1944. Until Apr 1944, engaged chiefly in escorting bombers that struck factories, railroads, airfields, and other targets on the Continent. Repeatedly attacked communications in northern France and in Belgium during Apr and May, in preparation for the invasion of Normandy. Escorted C-47's that dropped paratroops over Normandy on 6 and 7 Jun. Afterward, engaged primarily in interdictory and close-support activities, flying strafing and dive-bombing missions designed to assist the operations of ground forces.

Moved to the Continent early in Jul 1944 and bombed enemy troops to aid the Allied breakthrough at St Lo later that month. Supported the subsequent advance of ground forces toward the Rhine by attacking railroads, trucks, bridges, power stations, fuel dumps, and other facilities.

Received a DUC for a mission against the harbor at Brest on 25 Aug 1944 when, in spite of heavy overcast and intense enemy fire, the group attacked at low altitude, hitting naval installations, cruisers, troop transports, merchant vessels, and other objectives. Bombed and strafed such targets as flak positions, armored vehicles, and troop concentrations during the Battle of the Bulge, Dec 1944-Jan 1945.

Received second DUC for action over the Moselle-Rhine River triangle: despite the intense antiaircraft fire encountered while flying armed reconnaissance in close cooperation with infantry forces in that area on 16 Mar 1945, the group hit enemy forces, equipment, and facilities, its targets including motor transports, armored vehicles, railroads, railway cars, and gun emplacements. Continued operations until 1 May 1945. Returned to the US Aug-Sep 1945. Trained with P-51's. Inactivated on 1 Aug 1946.

  • Col Morton D Magoffin, 1 Mar 1943
  • Col Joseph L Laughlin, 10 Aug 1944

Air Force Combat Units of World War II, Maurer, Maurer: USAF, 1986

Accident Reports:Number of Non-Combat-Related Accident reports for this group: 1


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1February 10, 19448AF FC FO 239Fighter support for 8AF 2161
2February 11, 19448AF FC FO 240Fighter support for 8AF 218 (V-weapons)
3February 12, 19448AF FC FO 241Fighter support for 8AF 220
4February 20, 19448AF FC FO 245Fighter support for 8AF 226
5February 21, 19448AF FC FO 246Fighter support for 8AF 228
6February 22, 19448AF FC FO 247Fighter support for 8AF 2301
7February 24, 19448AF FC FO 250Fighter support for 8AF 233
8February 24, 19448AF FC FO 250Fighter support for 8AF 233
9February 25, 19448AF FC FO 251Fighter support for 8AF 235
10February 29, 19448AF FC FO 255Fighter support for 8AF 240
11March 02, 19448AF FC FO 257Fighter support for 8AF 244 (Chartres)
12March 02, 19448AF FC FO 257Fighter support for 8AF 244 (Frankfurt)
13March 03, 19448AF FC FO 259Fighter support for 8AF 246
14March 04, 19448AF FC FO 260Fighter support for 8AF 247
15March 06, 19448AF FC FO 262Fighter support for 8AF 2501
16March 08, 19448AF FC FO 263Fighter support for 8AF 2521
17March 09, 19448AF FC FO 264
18March 15, 19448AF FC FO 269Fighter support for 8AF 259
19March 16, 19448AF FC FO 270Fighter support for 8AF 262
20March 18, 19448AF FC FO 273Fighter support for 8AF 264
21March 18, 19448AF FC FO 273Fighter support for 8AF 264
22March 22, 19448AF FC FO 277Fighter support for 8AF 273
23March 23, 19448AF FC FO 278Fighter support for 8AF 275
24March 24, 19448AF FC FO 279Fighter support for 8AF 277
25March 27, 19448AF FC FO 282Fighter support for 8AF 282
26April 08, 19448AF FC FO 291Fighter support for 8AF 291
27April 09, 19448AF FC FO 292Fighter support for 8AF 293
28April 11, 19448AF FC FO 295Fighter support for 8AF 2981
29April 12, 19448AF FC FO 296Fighter support for 8AF 300
30April 13, 19448AF FC FO 298Fighter support for 8AF 301
31April 22, 19448AF FC FO 309Fighter support for 8AF 3111
32April 24, 19448AF FC FO 312Fighter support for 8AF 3152
33April 26, 19448AF FC FO 315Fighter support for 8AF 319
34April 29, 19448AF FC FO 320Fighter support for 8AF 327

Non-Combat Related Accidents

11945-06-18Aircraft: P-47D (#44-33188).
Organization: 377FS / 362FG of R76.
Pilot: Holland, Merrill E.
Notes: killed in mid air collision.
Location: Pocking/R-76 Germany.
Damage (0-5 increasing damage): 4
source: Aviation Archaeology http://www.aviationarchaeology.com/


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