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Narrative - Official Air Force Mission Description

Mission 309: 842 bombers and 388 fighters are dispatched to hit V-weapon sites in France; 24 of 33 sites briefed are hit; 9 bombers and 2 fighters are lost:

1. 438 of 630 B-17s hit sites in the Pas de Calais and Cherbourg areas; 19 others hit targets of opportunity; 7 B-17s are lost, 1 damaged beyond repair and 309 damaged; casualties are 2 KIA, 25 WIA and 69 MIA.

2. 113 of 212 B-24s hit sites in the Pas de Calais area; 2 B-24s are lost, 2 damaged beyond repair and 36 damaged; casualties are 10 KIA, 9 WIA and 20 MIA.

Escort is provided by 89 P-38s, 211 P-47s and 88 P-51s; they claim 4-0-2 Luftwaffe aircraft in the air and 4-0-0 on the ground; 2 P-51s are lost and 1 damaged; 2 pilots are MIA.

VIII Fighter Command flies 2 missions:

1. 35 P-51 fighter-bombers are dispatched to Cambrai/Epinoy Airfield, France; escort is to be provided by 31 P-47s but they are unable to locate the P-51s; 33 P-51s hit the primary and 1 hits Vitry Airfield, France.

2. 56 P-38 fighter-bombers are dispatched to hit St Trond Airfield, Belgium but jettison their bombs in the English Channel after overcast prevents location of the targets; escort is provided by 36 P-47s.

Mission 310: 5 of 5 B-17s drop 1.92 million leaflets on Nantes, Orleans, Paris and Tours, France at 2238-2246 hours without loss.

Six B-24s are dispatched on CARPETBAGGER operations.

Source: THE ARMY AIR FORCES IN WORLD WAR II: COMBAT CHRONOLOGY, 1941-1945 by Carter / Mueller, the Office of Air Force History,